Amsa, un village côtier aux défis multiples

City: Zaouiat Sidi Kacem
Area : 12 876 ha
Peoples : 10 000
Littoral seaside : 22 km

Amsa is a small village of 10.000 peoples which is situated on the mediterranean sea in the municipality of Zaouiat Sidi kacem after the city of Tétouan. Its surface is 12 876 hectares.
The environmental stakes are important and essential, because it is one of rare villages on the coast where the East coast protected from any road construction or other town planning scheme

The landscape is exceptional. It is the countryside which pours in the sea or vice versa so creating a continuity between the sea and the countryside. An unbuildable wet zone is situated between the coast and the back country.

The priorities:

· Conservation of the coast of any construction by validating officially a respectful plan of urbanization of the territory and the wet zones
· Insure the common drinking water in them

  • The priority points to be treated at the level of Amsa:
  • Problem of waste: implementation of a system of sorting of the arranged waste and the installation of the adequate trash cans for every type(chap) of waste.
  • Finalization of a town planning scheme to be able to protect the wet zones and the plain; and set up a coherent plan answering the environmental protection and the nature of the region.
  • The development of the runways of access to villages distant from the center.
  • Reorganization of the beach
  • Put place of an ecological campsite
  • Organized by tourist program targeting the rides in the back country.
  • Finalization of sewer systems and drinking water in houses.